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(i’m going to bed and will get to replies in the morning)


All I said was “sup”. Fucking “sup”. Then he beat me in the head with a club. From that point, I was pretty much fucked.

i dont know if i want to laugh or not right now

well go ahead im all for it

i cant think of anything though

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hey there sugar~

Sugar. Nice.

Dirk Strider at your service. I don’t think we’ve met.


we surely have not

my names dove

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/you gurgle happily and grab your foot then shove it in your mouth


thats an interesting thing to do

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I’m pretty sure when you get two broken arms and a broken leg, you have to do something about that. Also, I probably could have bled to death? There’s that too. Not to mention people kept fucking finding me anyway.


you got your ass beat pretty badly must have pissed that guy off royally


ianswershit started following you

sweetestturntech started following you

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Lucky me. Look at all the people pouring in.

Hey, all.

hey there sugar~

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herovillainandinbetween wrote:
"would you like to do anything?"

i wouldnt mind doing anything

im a little bored right now

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herovillainandinbetween wrote:
"haha i am a gentleman after all miss dove haha"

oooo a gentleman really??

well thats just wonderful~

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you can call me dove if wanna~

pretty name. alright then dove. how’re you?

pretty great

and how are you

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